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Hartes Metal, rooted in German translates into English mean “tough metal”. Every HARTES METAL™ designs were engineered from scratch by our in house design team based in California.

We’ve put over 20 years of design experience into the HARTES METAL™ range. Our off-road line reflects a multi-layer and directional design normally seen on car wheels but maintains a tough appearance that embodies the off-road culture. 

HARTES METAL™ offers the world’s first FusionForge® technology by tilt casting and forging both the lip and back of the rim, as well as a 1-piece cast produced via low-pressure die-cast technology. All designs feature a multi-piece cap design with a half alloy, half ABS 3D H-logo, which can be custom painted. We offer different size caps for each PCD which will contour around or cover the lug holes precisely, another world’s first! 


As part of the INOVIT® group, our California-based design and engineering team is what differentiates us from the competition. From the concept sketch to 3D modeling, from FEA to mold design, every single line on the drawings was carefully thought out from the back to the front of the wheel. This is why all HARTES METAL™ wheels proudly carry “Designed and Engineered in California” on the back.

Our commitment to our customers’ satisfaction is not limited to the production of high performing, modern designs. We continuously strive to achieve excellence while offering exceptional value on all our products in the HARTES METAL™ range.



HARTES METAL™ - Tough to Perfection. 

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