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Tough to Perfection

Rooted in German translates into English means “Tough Metal”.

Every HARTES METAL™ designs were engineered from scratch by our in house design team based in California.

FusionForge® Series   

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Gloss Black Machined Face


We truly believe that the devil is in the details. Thanks to the latest R&D and 3D printing technology, which allows us to design a cap this complex by its structure, yet elegant when fitted on any wheels. 

A multiple-piece cap design with the 3D “H” logo half alloy half ABS, which could be custom painted. HARTES METAL™ offers 3 factory finishes and almost unlimited custom finish combinations for our multiple-piece cap. 

We put over 20 years of design experience into this range. Our off-road line reflects a multi-layer and directional design normally seen on car wheels but maintains a tough look we like to see on off-road lines. Every single line on the drawing was thought over carefully from the back to the front of the wheel.