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Discover our off-road wheels

HARTES METAL™ offers the world’s first FusionForge® technology by tilt casting and forging both the lip and back of the rim, as well as 1-piece cast which are produced via low-pressure die-cast technology. All designs feature a multi-piece cap design with a half alloy, half ABS 3D H-logo, which can be custom painted. We offer different size caps for each PCD which will contour around or cover the lug holes precisely, another world’s first! 

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We created FusionForge® technology with over 20 years of experience in manufacturing. From the design to strength simulation to state of the art manufacturing process, HARTES METAL™ is the first company in the world to offer this technology. 

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1-Piece Cast

Every single HARTES METAL™ cast wheel is made with top-grade virgin alloy using state of the art low-pressure die casting technology with advanced CNC and R&D. The result? All wheels have passed a stringent 3,700 lbs safety test at the same time, we manage to make them up to 35% lighter than most of the major competitors on the market.