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HARTES METAL™ wheels are made from top-grade virgin alloy by state of art low-pressure die casting technology. All wheels have passed 3,700 lbs safety test at the same time, we manage to make them up to 25% lighter than most of the major competitors on the market.

At quick glance, the HARTES METAL™ FusionForge® FF701 attracts one’s attention with its directional, concave design. However, its most unique feature is shown through how the surfaces connect with one another. It may look like a multi-layered wheel, but in actuality, this is simply an illusion caused by the main surface of the spokes. Engineering this wheel is our way of bringing about new concepts and ideas into the off-road wheel industry. No doubt does this wheel belong in our “FusionForge™” series which utilizes two state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques.

The HARTES METAL™ FusionForge® FF703 brings about a twist to a design commonly found within the off-road wheel industry. It distinguishes itself through its concave, directional and y-split design which undoubtedly creates an appealing appearance to anybody passing by. When coming up with this design, we placed a heavy emphasis on sharpness to create an aggressive wheel suitable for all trucks and jeeps.

In search of an aggressive wheel for your truck or jeep? Well look no further, the HARTES METAL™ FusionForge® FF707 will be the completing piece to your vehicle. It is the first of its kind within our HARTES METAL™ line and it comes with the sharpest design ever. Similar to other FusionForge™ designs, it follows the concave and directional approach. In order to engineer this article, we ensured that each spoke, detail, and surface complemented one another.

The initial take on the HARTES METAL™ Strike is that it seems to be a split-spoke design, but that is not the case. We wanted to incorporate a machine face finish into our designs and as such, we conceived this masterpiece. The ideology was to give off the illusion of a split-spoke off-road wheel while also creating one that feels strong and reinforced.

A name fitting of a split-spoke off-road wheel which emphasizes its strength to carry itself under any condition. No doubt a simple concept, but look closely at this wheel and one will see the intricate details incorporated into it. Needless to say, every nook and cranny on the HARTES METAL™ Savage is meant to complement the wheel as a whole.

The HARTES METAL™ Hawkish focuses on the concept of Y-spoke design which is uncommon for off-road wheels. When designing this wheel, we wanted to create the illusion of a sturdy Y-spoke while assimilating subtle details. Upon closer inspection, one observes how sharp the edges truly are and how much layering has been integrated into the design.

Directional off-road wheels are certainly nothing new and were readily available when this design was conceived. We looked at what was currently on the market and conceived what was necessary for creating the perfect directional design. We have incorporated our collective design ideas into this finished masterpiece. The HARTES METAL™ Stealth directional design has been a revelation and while people have tried to imitate our design, you simply cannot improve on perfection. Often imitated, yet never duplicated!

Just by looking at this off-road wheel, one can tell why it is called the HARTES METAL™ Rhino as it embodies the toughness of a rhino. During the design process, we took into consideration what would make this wheel stand out and we ended up conceiving an off-road wheel with a deep concave. It could even be stated that the deep concave on the Rhino resembles the horn of its animal counterpart.

Strength in numbers was the concept we chased after in developing the HARTES METAL™ Whipsaw. The idea behind this piece was to differentiate from the normal bulky spokes that are seen in most off-road wheels. Taking a closer look, one will notice the sharp details incorporated into each spoke making the wheel more dynamic overall.

Not taking the name of the Crossbow lightly, we wanted to create a wheel that emphasizes a trait uncommon within the off-road industry. The result? The HARTES METAL™ Crossbow, a wheel that emanates the very essence of cross-spoke designs while also retaining the sturdy nature of off-road wheels. Breaking away from what is contemporary, the Crossbow design serves to shed new light on off-road style.

The HARTES METAL™ Monster is a one-of-a-kind off-road design like no other. Every shape on this wheel has been carefully thought out with each one complementing another. We looked at what was necessary for creating the perfect off-road design and we incorporated our ideas into this original piece. It would be a waste of time to attempt at improving this design as it has already reached its pinnacle.

The HARTES METAL™ Beast presents a unique look that differentiates itself amongst other HARTES METAL™ wheels. Its bulky nature defines itself as an off-road wheel, yet at the same time, the concave and layered design makes it simply irresistible. Dozens and dozens of meticulous revisions were performed on this wheel to reach its current state. Without a doubt, this wheel will be the finishing touch to your vehicle with its functional and industrial design.