Full Polished

A name fitting of a split-spoke off-road wheel which emphasizes its strength to carry itself under any condition. No doubt a simple concept, but look closely at this wheel and one will see the intricate details incorporated into it. Needless to say, every nook and cranny on the HARTES METAL™ Savage is meant to complement the wheel as a whole.

Available Finish

Applied Features

Multi-Layer Complex Design

Uncommon to the off road industry, multi-layer surfacing is a key component to creating a detailed design. By incorporating this feature into our Hartes Metal line, we sought to deviate from the norm while also creating a wheel that one can appreciate after closer observation. Consequently, a multiple layer design yields better performance by having the wheel's weight trimmed down with each layer, without impeding on its elegance.

Weight Reduction Pocketing

A modern feature applied to most, if not all, off road wheels which maximizes the wheel's efficiency holistically.Pockets milled to the back pad and spoke of a wheel are known as weight reduction pockets with the sole purpose of removing any unnecessary weight on the wheel. This feature offers a win-win situation for customers as only dead weight is removed, strength is unaffected, and overall performance is improved.


The deep dish feature initially trended in the 90s for the automobile industry and is now making a come back. Incorporation of this feature allows for sharp angles, deep spokes, and multi-layering. It offers a dynamic look which maximizes the depth of the tire and is typically utilized when owners want their wheels to protrude from the side of their vehicle.

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