Matt Black

Just by looking at this off-road wheel, one can tell why it is called the HARTES METAL™ Rhino as it embodies the toughness of a rhino. During the design process, we took into consideration what would make this wheel stand out and we ended up conceiving an off-road wheel with a deep concave. It could even be stated that the deep concave on the Rhino resembles the horn of its animal counterpart.

Available Finish

Applied Features

Multi-Layer Complex Design

Uncommon to the off road industry, multi-layer surfacing is a key component to creating a detailed design. By incorporating this feature into our Hartes Metal line, we sought to deviate from the norm while also creating a wheel that one can appreciate after closer observation. Consequently, a multiple layer design yields better performance by having the wheel's weight trimmed down with each layer, without impeding on its elegance.

Weight Reduction Pocketing

A modern feature applied to most, if not all, off road wheels which maximizes the wheel's efficiency holistically.Pockets milled to the back pad and spoke of a wheel are known as weight reduction pockets with the sole purpose of removing any unnecessary weight on the wheel. This feature offers a win-win situation for customers as only dead weight is removed, strength is unaffected, and overall performance is improved.

Customizable Bolts

Incorporating customizable bolts is a new feature we want to bring to our Hartes Metal line. This allows for a premium appearance as the bolts come in multiple colors which will undoubtedly compliment any vehicle.

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