Gloss Black Milled Spokes and Dimples

The HARTES METAL™ fusion forged FF704 brings about a twist to a design commonly found within the offroad wheel industry. It distinguishes itself through its concave, directional and y-split design which undoubtedly creates an appealing appearance to anybody passing by. When coming up with this design, we placed a heavy emphasis on sharpness to create an aggressive wheel suitable for all trucks and jeeps.

Available Finish

Fusion Forge Process

Step 1

The die-casted piece or the molded aluminum is propped above a steel mold and onto a locking mechanism that controls the motion to initiate the forging process.

Step 2

Three rollers apply extreme pressure onto the side of the wheel which will shape the aluminum using the steel mold as a guide. Once one side is finished, the wheel is flipped and propped above another steel mold that fits the shape of its opposing side.

Step 3

The three rollers apply the same pressure onto the side again to shape the aluminum to follow the shape of the new steel mold. Due to the high pressure, this technique allows for a stronger wheel as it does not require heat in order to permit shape change.

Step 4

The result? A wheel with its material toughened through pressure alone, allowing us to deliver products much lighter than regular cast wheels. Essentially a piece worthy of being titled "Fusion Forged" is constructed as we utilize multiple state-of-the-art technologies.

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